Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hi people! I just posted another work-in-progress to my player. It's called Clair. Well sorta. That's the name of the track I used. I also call it no return, at least the name of my poem I put to it. It's an homage to love lost, realized, and forward movement...or something like that. Have a listen why don't you:)

No Return

I must have wondered. too far. away. I must have taken a wrong turn. along the way. I keep looking back for you. but you. have faded. away. you were so close. so close, so close. just the other day.
I was scared. yet I thought I was being brave. In my gut. In my gut. the feelings the same. like Love and hate. the emotional weight. I’m learning to see. What is meant to be.
But my heart doesn’t lie. It tells me time after time. It reminds me of you.
Am I wrong for feeling my truth.
I thought I was strong. Strong enough to leave you. But I can’t leave you alone. I don’t want to.
I said I was confused. Didn’t know what to do. Now every things thicker. I’m feeling sicker, still thinking of you.
But I got to be strong. I’ve. got to feel whole, so I. can be all I can be...for the the One who truly needs me.
It’s my life...and I have to live it. there is no way. that I can revisit. my past is my past and. you I passed. on my way. to this day. This day. This day
This day of no return